The AP is obtained.

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The long wait is over! The Advertising Permit has finally been received. The developer is all set for the official launch and the SPA is ready for the purchasers.

Time is of the essence. Purchasers paying in cash and not requiring any bank financing can expect to receive the documents earlier. Those needing a mortgage loan will have to get their applications processed and soon. The deadline to sign the SPA is only 14 days. The first payment is 10 percent of the purchase price of the unit at The Astaka.

Congratulations to all the purchasers who have booked their units in the 1st Phase. There remains just about 150 units for sale in the soon-to-expire Preview (prelaunch) Phase. For those who missed out earlier, call the hotline now(+65) 91 444 680to book your units.

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