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We appreciate your taking the time to visit our website and thank you for your keen interest in The Astaka.

If you are a real estate salesperson practicing in Singapore or from a foreign country and have client(s) who are looking for exceptional Iskandar and Malaysian real estates to invest in, we welcome and value your co-broking service with us.

Additionally, we are selectively looking for Group/Team Leaders who wish to expand your portfolio of overseas projects, with a view to allocating them to all your associates within your group/team. We will have a slew of the much sought-after Iskandar and Malaysian projects, nine exclusive ones to launch in year 2013/early 2014 on the last count.  You will have these and many more Iskandar projects to share with your associates and thereby enhancing their opportunities to find homebuyers and be many more times successful. At the same time, you will bolster your status as an enterprising and active Group/Team Leader who has a constant stream of projects to keep the associates busy, happy and wealthy.

Talk to us to explore a win-win co-broking partnership. Listen to how our networking arrangement can assist you and your team to achieve success and rewards by leaps and bounds.

We look forward to your contacting us soon. Please leave your details in the Contact Form below, your name, CEA registration number (mandatory, if practicing in Singapore), telephone number and email address, and any question which you may have, and we shall get in touch with you right away.


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